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Airstream of Chicago RV Rental Fleet

We are often asked when discussing rentals and leasing, what kind of options are available and what kind of RV can we expect? We are pleased to let all our customers know that we rent only the latest models and makes in our fleet. You will be using a unit that is in the best condition and is a late model. So you can be assured you are getting the finest for your adventure...wherever that may be! Contact Us today to receive your complimentary rental quote.


Airstream of Chicago's Travel Trailers offer the opportunity to go camping in comfort. The Air Conditioning, bathroom, refrigerator, and kitchen help your great outdoors experience be only as wild as you want it to be! Our Travel Trailers are all brand new: the oldest Travel Trailer in our fleet is a 2014. As our only towable rental unit, this Trailer is easily towed by almost any SUV or minivan, and allows you to set up camp and then use your own vehicle to go exploring. This Travel Trailer is a great step between tent camping and a full-size RV!


Class B

Perfect for two people on an extended trip or just easy transportation to your destination, Airstream of Chicago's Class B Vans have captain's chairs, a TV, bathroom, and kitchenette. Our Class B Vans are all brand new: the oldest B Van in our fleet is a 2014. Designed to give you first-class accommodations while you travel, this Van has been thoughtfully designed to give you a road trip that is comfortable and maneuverable, allowing you to indulge in all the side-trips you find!


Small Class C

US Adventure RV's Small Class C Motor homes are simple, small, easy, and basic... but even with its smaller size, the Small Class C still has a full bathroom and kitchen, and the floor plans are flexible enough for vacations or long road trips! Our Small Class C Motor homes are all brand new: the oldest Small Class C in our fleet is a 2014. A great part of our rental line, this little brother to the Large Class C has similar amenities, but a much smaller footprint. Great for a smaller group, or for those who want to travel for less.


Large Class C

Airstream of Chicago's Large Class C Motor homes have the most seat belts and the most sleeping capacity of any unit in our fleet. Great for vacations and family trips alike, the Large Class C combines the familiarity of a van front end and driving controls while still giving you room inside for everyone. Our Class C Motor homes are all brand new: the oldest Class C in our fleet is a 2014. The Large Class C is so easy to operate that setting up camp takes less than 2 minutes... and that includes putting out the slide out rooms!


Class A

Airstream of Chicago's Class A Motor homes provide the largest living space of any of our rental units: with or without the slide-out rooms extended. The electric push-button stabilizer jacks help ensure the Motor home is level and stable: a big plus when you have lots of people in and out while tailgating!

Our Class A Motor homes are all brand new: the oldest Class A in our fleet is a 2014. The large floor plan allows for more storage inside and out average of 120 cubic feet of sealed storage underneath in addition to the storage inside-along with more fresh and waste water capacity.