Airstream of Chicago RV Buying Tips

The How/When/Where/What of Buying Your RV

There is a lot to consider when buying your first RV. Putting your budget aside,there are many other significant factors that will help you select the perfect RV for your needs. At Airstream of Chicago, we know that you have many choices facing you so we have put together these tips to help you navigate the buying adventure. Let's take a look at two of the RV categories along with their pros and cons.


Motorhomes (classes A, B and C, etc.) are a distinct type of RV and are generally constructed as a single unit with the living area connected to the cab or driver's area. This type is ideal for families taking summer vacations. The parents can be upfront riving while the kids are in the back playing, sleeping or watching a movie or TV. Obviously, if you need to use the restroom it's also very convenient.

Trailers or 5th Wheel

On the other hand, attaching an RV trailer or 5th wheel to your car/SUV is perfect for retired couples or other dedicated RV enthusiasts who live in their RV. The advantages of having a car or small truck pulling your RV are as follows:

  • Car repairs and parts-replacement are much cheaper than for a motorhome.
  • There are more car/truck repair shops around than specialized motorhome repair shops.
  • If there are extensive repairs for your car, you don't need to rent a motel room while you wait.
  • It's cheaper to replace your car/truck than a full motorhome.
  • When settling down for longer periods, it's easy to park your trailer and then drive your car for shopping/sightseeing.

Whatever you choose, make sure you start your research based on your projected travel plans and needs. As part of your planning, the experts at Airstream of Chicago are RV enthusiasts too. We own RV's and can help you in making the best decision for your RV needs. Contact us or come in and visit us today.

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