Airstream of Chicago Renting or Leasing a RV Makes Sense

According to Ryan Van Pelt, Rental Manager, the Airstream of Chicago/US Adventure RV Fractional Lease program allows participants to experience the ultimate in RVing at a fraction of the cost. Van Pelt explained, "You, your family or your business can experience the thrill of owning an RV while at the same time eliminating all of the management responsibilities." He added, "We take the hassle and expense out of ownership. Our rental and fractional lease programs were designed for people who Experience RVing with Rental and Lease Programs want to use an RV without having to purchase it. this is really a great way for people to enjoy the benefits without having the additional responsibility of ownership."

Van Pelt explained how this is possible and said "We have specific units that we rent or lease and all are the latest models. For as little as $79 per night for a trailer you can take your family or friends on a hassle-free RV trip. We want people to remember their vacation or trip as problem-free as possible." According to Van Pelt, US Adventure RV has something for everyone. "Very simply, our rental and lease programs are great for people who don't want an RV full-time, but want to have the option of using one, four or five times a year," Van Pelt said.

If renting or leasing an RV makes sense for you, or you want to learn more about our programs, contact one of our Rental and Leasing Specialists today at 815-726-1900or complete the online Rental Quote to get your pricing for your next adventure.

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